SITCO commenced its activity in 2012 in petrochemical, Oil and gas.
Major shareholders are as below:

Farhangian Reserve Fund Institute

At the end of 1373, the idea of improving the livelihood and well-being of cultural workers was raised as a serious issue and one of the main concerns of the country’s cultural authorities, and it prompted the officials of the Ministry of Education to present a plan to increase the financial power of the retirement age, in order to realize it. Try this important goal.

Petrofarhang Holding

Iran has the world`s largest reserves of natural gas and the fourth largest oil reserves in the world. Based on this vital advantage and also Iran`s strategic circumstances in the world`s market, Petrofarhang is prone to invest its financial resources in gas, oil and petrochemicals industries.

Petrofarhang is one of the subsidiary companies of Teachers Investment Fund (TIF), an economic institution founded initially in association with more than 750,000 teachers. Teacher`s contributions are set at about %5 of their monthly salary and an equivalent government budget is paid for TIF annually.

Saderat Bank

As a private bank , BSI was established in 1952 . with around 3000 active branches , BSI runs the largest banking network in Iran . In 2000 , BSI started offering electronic online services , and now pioneers in the number of online branches ATM . machines , and point of sale terminals with remarkable share of the market .

Sepehr Saderat Financial Group

Sepehr Saderat Financial Group was registered on 08/14/2013 with registration number 462901 at Tehran Companies and Industrial Property Registration Department. On 03/07/2019, upon receiving the conversion license from the Securities and Exchange Organization, the company was converted from special shares to public shares, and the name of the company was changed from Sepehr Saderat Financial Group to “Sepehr Saderat Financial Group Investment”.
After the completion of the acceptance process of the financial group in Yazar Capital, the shares of this company with the symbol “Vespehar” were offered on 06/31/2019 in the first market of Iran’s over-the-counter exchange.

Sepehrenergy Holding

Sepehr Energy Co. (PJSC) was registered and officially began its activity in Tehran on 02/06/2010 with the following registration number: 373450. The latest capital of the company equals 9998 billion Rials. This company was founded to implement Article 44 of the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitution concerning the privatization programs for the development of nationwide industries, including the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries utilizing investment and participation of the private sector.