About Us

SITCO Active in Petrochemical, Oil and Gas as below:

1. Commercial Department:

  • It is the exporter of methanol produced in Sepehr energy group, Petrofarhang group.

  • Trading of other petrochemical products and petroleum products such as ammonia, urea, polymers, PVC, sulfur, fuel oil, diesel, light and heavy naphtha, gas condensate, LPG and base oil.

  • Markets of China, India, Turkey, CIS countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Middle East, Africa and Europe are in SITCO Coverage

2. Logistics Department:

  • Providing and carrying out all land and sea transportation

3. Technical and Engineering Department:

  • Supplying parts, spare parts and equipment in general for the projects of Sepehr Energy Group, Petrofarhang Group and other petrochemical, oil & Gas units

4. Investment Department:

  • investment in production, industrial and service plans in domestic or overseas companies